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These firmly-anchored values, developed through the ages, are closely-associated with positive feelings for members of the culture. Cultural standards describe characteristics on an abstract and generalised level.

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During this you will have the opportunity to visit the delivery suite and also meet with the hospital midwives and medical staff, giving you a chance to discuss any aspect of your care during the childbirth in Germany. If they want to split the bill, they will just tell you. May 31, Ensuring a smooth transition abroad for relocated employees. British expat Brian Phillips finds the Germans less class conscious than the English December 11, Expat Voices of Germany: December 11, Expat Voices of Germany:

They relate to the elements which are common to a particular nation. An individual German can, of course, significantly diverge from these standards. However, the majority of Germans adhere to them, which explains the consistent impressions foreign business partners have of Germans. The task is the central and dominant issue in all business interactions and also determines the style of communication. The relationship level assumes a more subordinate role in professional life.

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Germans usually think that operating at the task level should form the basis of all business contacts. The next cultural standard is closely related to this aspect. In German companies, there are countless rules, regulations, procedures and processes. German business people prefer contracts and written agreements of all types. The existence of these things and their tight and consistent application, the adherence to them and the rigid consequences, or even penalties, for not complying with them are in stark contrast to other cultures. On the one hand, this underscores a consistency and high degree of mutual obligation.

Understanding German business culture

On the other hand, this principle leaves little room for flexibility and individual determination. Reliability and avoidance of uncertainty rule-orientation, internalised focus of control.

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Consistency and reliability are seen as especially important German traits. Members of the German culture have a high tendency to avoid uncertainty. They therefore develop binding rules and structures in order to foster certainty in dealings with each other. The approaches described above have a strong impact on the relationship with regard to time.

Appointments are precisely planned and it is expected that times which are set are adhered to. Punctuality is a matter of good manners.


Germans exercise a strict separation between the various spheres of their life. They clearly vary their behaviour with other people depending on the sphere of their life private or business in which they have contact with an individual as well as the closeness of the relationship business partner or friend.

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This frequently leads to Germans in business or public life being seen by members of other cultures as very remote and cold and even as overtly unfriendly. Germans communicate very directly and explicitly. They can therefore often miss the decisive content of an interaction.

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